Information on cookies used by this site

In accordance with regulations on the use of cookies set forth by Act 34/2002, July 11th, on E-Commerce and Information Services (LSSI) which enforces EU Directive 2009/136/EC (also known as “Cookie Directive”) and EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications through Spanish legislation. We use the term “cookies” throughout this Guide in reference to cookies and similar technology included in the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files created by the visited website which include data. They are stored on the visitor's computer to provide the user with access to different functions. Both session cookies and non-session cookies can be used on our websites. A session cookies is temporarily stored on the computer's memory while the visitor browses the website. This cookie is deleted when the user closes the browser or after a set time expires (meaning the session has expired). A non-session cookie remains on the visitor's computer until deletion or expiration.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to obtain more information on how visitors interact with our contents and they help us improve user experience when browsing our website.

Site functionality and contents

The Share function is used by visitors to recommend our sites and contents on social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter. Cookies store information on how visitors use the Share function (although not at an individual level) so the website can be improved.

For some of our website functions we use other providers. For example, when visiting a page with embedded videos or YouTube links. These videos or links (and any other third-party provider content) may contain third-party cookies. For this reason you may wish to consult the policy of those third-party websites to know more about how cookies are used.

Web Analytics

This website may use Google Analytics, which applies cookies. At a global level cookies store information on how visitors browse the website, including the number of pages shown, visitor location and visit number, to improve the website and to ensure a good user experience.

List of cookies used in this website

(Cookie ID and how it is shown in the browser cache)
(Own or third-party)
(Expiration date of the cookie once installed)
(Which domain the cookie is associated with)
(Cookie operation and purpose)
PHPSESSID Own Session This website Anonymously stores the session of the current user. Automatically destroyed after leaving the page.
PREF, SNID, NID, SID, SSID, N_T Third-party 2 years
These cookies are used by Google to authenticate the user's account and to store the latest access to their services and user preferences. Used in many Google services such as YouTube or Google Maps.
di2, loc, uid, loc, uvc, vc, xtc Third-party 2 years Used to count how many times contents are shared on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), to store user language and location at a country level.
_ga Third-party 2 years Used to differentiate users.
__utma Third-party 2 years Gathers data such as the number of times a user has visited the site or when the first and last visits took place.
__utmb Third-party 30 minutes Records the date and the time at the exact moment the user visited the website, registering how much time the user spent on the site. Used by Google Analytics to calculate how much time is spent on the website.
__utmc Third-party Session No longer used. Kept to support older Urchin versions. It was used to detect new visits/sessions.
__utmz Third-party 6 months Stores data regarding if the user arrived on the site through an advertisement banner.
__utmv Third-party 2 years It is used if the website developer applies custom variables in Google Analytics. For example, to segment according to demographics.
__ar_v4 Third-party 30 days Cookie for the Google Adsense advertisement service. Helps measure the success of advertisement campaigns, calculating the sum of those sales generated by each campaign.
__gads Third-party 30 days Cookie for the Google Adsense advertisement service. Helps measure the success of advertisement campaigns, calculating the sum of those sales generated by each campaign.
_drt_, id Third-party 30 days Cookie for the Google Adsense advertisement service. Manages advertisement frequency and avoids duplication on a page.

How can cookies be rejected and/or deleted?

We do not use cookies to obtain identifiable personal information on a visitor.Nevertheless, if you wish it you can choose to reject or block the cookies of this website or those of third-party sites by changing your browser settings. Please refer to the “Help function” of your browser for more information. Please note most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish to use cookies you may need to actively delete or block them.

To read more about how cookies are used on mobile phone browsers and how to reject or delete them, please refer to the user manual of your mobile phone. Please note if you reject using cookies you may continue to visit our websites but some functions may not work properly.

To choose not to be tracked by Google Analytics on all websites please visit:

Blocking cookies under various browsers