Type your color in the box in the left, it doesn't matter the format and how you space the values.

You can also try with a keyword.

Basic usage

Using rgb.to is pretty simple, just type the color you want to convert in the top input box and click the button below. You can enter the color value in any format you want, rgb.to will figure out the color you just entered (RGB, HSL, Hex, keyword, Pantone or RAL).

It doesn't matter which characters you use (spaces, commas, hyphens etc.)... It will work anyway!

255 , 10 , 10 350 - 10 - 10 256 / 58 / 47 310 10% 23% Yellow U ...

If you enter a % symbol in any of the last two values, rgb.to will asume that is an HSL / HSV / HSB color. HSB is the format used in Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe applications.

Using the URL

You can easily convert any color anytime if you type its values in the URL to rgb.to. If no format is provided rgb.to will asume you are converting an RGB or Hex value.

https://rgb.to/14,204,146 https://rgb.to/0ece92

You can add the color format right before introducing its value (this is mandatory for HSL / HSB values). Here are some examples.

https://rgb.to/rgb/255,12,23 https://rgb.to/hex/FFFFFF https://rgb.to/hsl/354,10,90 https://rgb.to/hsb/354,10,90

Now you can also convert Pantone Matching System and RAL Classic colours.

https://rgb.to/pantone/blue-0821-c https://rgb.to/ral/2005


I have added the possibility of downloading the colors in JSON format in order to facilitate it's usage in projects written in Javascript (HTML, Canvas, Javascript etc.). I hope you find this as useful as I have.


The keywords used in this project have been taken from (What color is...? ), a very interesting project worth taking a look. Only keywords from English, French, Italian and Spanish have been included so far.

What color is?


It´s been hard work finding the best color equivalencies between the different color systems (especially between Pantone and RAL guides). I needed to cross-check guides and apply some mathematical magic to achieve the best results.

The conversion between Pantone, RAL and CMYK are based in the references provided by the companies, but you are encouraged to check the values in the official guides on your own, especially before having your projects sent to the offset press.


This being a personal project, updates and improvements will be done exclusively in my spare time. I’ll be adding more color formats in the future (CMYK and others especially useful). I am curious about color scheme generation/integration, so I hope I can improve that part by adding better algorithms to the color scheme generation section in the future.

Perhaps I will come up with some kind of integration with ColorLovers or Adobe Kuler... I don't know ;)