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medium bright greenmedium bright purplemedium bright teal greenmedium brownmedium burgondymedium burgundymedium chartreusemedium coralmedium cornflower bluemedium dark bluemedium dark pinkmedium dark purplemedium dark yellowmedium eggplantmedium eggshellmedium flat purplemedium fuschiamedium goldenrodmedium greenmedium harvest orangemedium hot purplemedium hot yellowmedium hunters greenmedium ink bluemedium lavendermedium leaf greenmedium light bluemedium light greenmedium lime greenmedium mulberrymedium mustardmedium navymedium navy bluemedium neon greenmedium neon pinkmedium olive greenmedium orangemedium orchidmedium peachmedium peacockmedium peacock bluemedium peagreenmedium persian bluemedium petrol bluemedium pinkmedium pumpkin orangemedium purplemedium purplrmedium red purplemedium rosemedium royal bluemedium royal purplemedium royalpurplemedium school greenmedium sea greenmedium seafoam greenmedium seagreenmedium sky bluemedium spring greenmedium tealmedium teal greenmedium terracottamedium turquoisemedium turquoise bluemedium violetmedium violet redmedium violetredmedium well mauvemediumvioletredmelamelange rouge et grismelanzanamelanzavamelanzavemellow greenmellow lime greenmellow orangemellow yellowmelmac bluemelocotonmelonmelon yellowmelonementamenthemerigold orangemeringue purplemerry fuschiameshed bluemetallic seaweedmetephor orangemexico dark brickmiami vice tealmid life greenmid range purplemiddle brownmiddle greenmiddle light greenmiddle purplemiddle school pinkmidnigh purplemidnightmidnight blackmidnight bluemidnight blue greymidnight brick pinkmidnight eggplantmidnight forestmidnight grapemidnight greenmidnight in parismidnight in purplemidnight moon bluemidnight oceanmidnight purplemidnight satin purplemidnight sky bluemidnight smokemidnight tealmidnight winemidsummer night bluemidway greenmielmild guacamolemilitary greenmilk chocolatemintmint greenmint ice creammint milkshakemint tea greenmintyminty greenminty green lightminty mint greenmisty bluemisty greenmisty mossmisty strong greenmittens greenmoderate blushmodern and calm bluemodest magentamodest midnightmontana bluemontana sky bluemoon mist bluemoonless nightmoradomorado azuladomorado añilmorado bonitomorado brillantemorado clarificadomorado claromorado electrocomorado encendidomorado fuertemorado fuerte oscuro negromorado infantilmorado inteligentemorado intensomorado lilamorado llamativomorado matemorado mezcladomorado negromorado neonmorado opacomorado oscruromorado oscuromorado pastelmorado rosadomorado super starmorado vinomordorémore neon greenmore than skymorning glory purplemossmoss greenmossymossy forest greenmossy greenmossy oak camo greenmossy sunlight greenmostazamostaza claromostaza con amarillomostaza fuertemostaza opacomostaza oscuromostaza secomostaza vencidamotion of oceanmountain dew greenmountain greenmountain meadowmoutardemuave