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blu cobalto brillanteblu di persiablu di prussiablu dodgerblu elettricoblu erica violaceoblu intensoblu isolablu klienblu limpidoblu mareblu metalblu metalicblu navyblu notteblu notte chiaroblu oltremareblu opacoblu pallidoblu pastello chiaroblu realeblu scuroblu scuro alternativoblu scurroblu turcheseblu verdastroblu violaceoblueblue and dark greenblue bird greyblue blackblue brillianceblue but not blueblue chiaroblue cielblue clairblue concentrateblue derivedblue eyed babyblue eyed girlblue greenblue green foamblue green pineblue green sharpblue greenishblue greyblue hints of greenblue horizonsblue ice blueblue in the faceblue ish purpleblue jean blueblue jeansblue lavenderblue libertéblue light specialblue light violetblue marinblue marineblue morningblue mountainblue notteblue orchidblue originalblue pigmentblue presidentblue promiseblue purpleblue raspberryblue rideaublue scuroblue skiesblue skyblue soldatblue solitaireblue streakblue suede shoesblue sweaterblue tealblue tinted cyanblue tranquilityblue turquoiseblue velvet blueblue vertblue violaceoblue violetblue with a hint of purpleblueberryblueberry blueblueberry bushblueberry fieldsblueberry piebluebonnet bluebluebonnet purpleblueish greenblueish greenishblueish purplebluer than bluebluetteblueviolet purplebluibluish greenbluish greenish seabluish purpleblumarinablunty yellowblushblush maroonblush pinkblushed purpleblushing berry pinkblushing dawnblushing peachblushing pinkboatneck bluebois de chêne clairbold grapefruitbold lavendarbold teal bluebonfire orangebordeaubordeauxbordeaux clairbordeaux foncébordeaux scurobordó oscurobosque frescobottle greenbottom of the ocean brownbow tie pinkboysenberry bluebrandeis bluebrassbreakout bluebriarwood skies purplebrickbrick brown redbrick redbricks in sunlightbridesmaid bluebridesmaid purplebright and bouncy pinkbright aquabright aqua greenbright aquamarinebright avocadobright azurebright baby bluebright baby greenbright bluebright blue bunnybright blue eyesbright blue greenbright blue skybright blue sunbright blueish greenbright blush rosebright boy bluebright breenbright brickbright bright bluebright bright medium bluebright briliant bluebright brownbright burgundybright burnt orangebright carnationbright carnation pinkbright celery greenbright cobaltbright colonialbright crayon greenbright cresent bluebright cyanbright dark bluebright dark greenbright dark pinkbright dark purplebright dark sky bluebright darkish bluebright day bluebright deep bluebright deep purplebright easter-egg purplebright eggplantbright endless meadows greenbright faded greenbright fire enginebright forest greenbright fuschiabright fushia pinkbright fusiabright geranium pinkbright grapebright grape purplebright grass greenbright greenbright green applebright green bluebright green celery